Price List


* Please see the separate page "School of Astrology" for details on my astrology courses. 


Readings include karmic astrology on any topic of your choosing including  (tarot if requested) relationships, career, life purpose, past lives etc. Readings can take place in person (Northern Ireland) over skype or  FB video, or email. 

Payment is through Paypal  direct link or email address  bank transfer (UK banks only)  or cash. You can pay me first and then email me, or message me first to discuss the reading if you prefer. Payment is in British pounds (GBP). 

Please let me know if you can't get your exact time of birth, or if it's an estimate (memory from parent etc). It is possible to read without the time of birth but you must let me know as even a few minutes can make a difference. I'm typically booked up at least 4 weeks in advance, but emergency readings are available within 24 hours if you email me to check first. 


40 Minute reading - £70

60 Minute reading - £95

90 minute reading - £135
120 minutes - £185

Emergency reading - If you need a reading within 24 hours - £150 for 60 mins. 

Handwritten  birth chart -My own interpretation of your birth chart detailing all  major aspects and placements. I'll send this as a word document and it  takes around 5 hours- 10-12 pages. £235 investment. No appointment. 

Handwritten chart + 30 min skype or phone appointment - £265 

Relationship/couples reading - £135 - Skype, FB video, or I can also send it as a word document. Both sets of birth data required. I'll read the synastry, composite, natal and progressed charts. Astrology is by far the most accurate way to get a true picture of the relationship. 

Email reading -Suitable for a couple of questions or topics using tarot and astrology £70  I will write for one hour and send the reading as a word document.

Combined Sekhem energy treatment & reading - £100

Sekhem living light, energy treatment - £50 

Birth time rectification - £150 I will work out your time of birth if you don't know it. This involves getting a list of significant events of your life and using them to determine your rising sign and time of birth.