Astrology lessons and courses


I have twenty years of experience practicing Western, Mundane, Karmic and Esoteric astrology including advanced predictive techniques. Let me help you to learn astrology which is one of the most valuable skills that anyone could have. 

These courses will be conducted over Skype. Most of the information and instruction will be verbal as this allows you to ask questions and take notes while viewing my screen. 

Most other astrology courses available consist of the student watching pre-recorded videos without any live tuition - this is not an effective way to learn astrology. If you want to learn from watching videos, you do not have to pay anyone as they're available all over the internet for free. Anyone can read large amounts of information, but one on one tuition, and a hands on, practical technique is the easiest and most effective way to learn.   

Mini course – Three consecutive hours on Skype – Gain an understanding of the basics -signs, elements, and planets etc. This course will help you to understand basic astrological terms and how to use the art on a daily basis. £100 investment.


Intermediate Astrology course – Includes 13 page reference guide, tests and certificate of completion. Three consecutive hours a week on Skype for seven weeks. Every week, or every other week. £650 investment. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to confidently read a Western birth chart and navigate free astrology software that allows you to draw up charts. I’ll be available to answer questions between Skype sessions via email. 


Week 1: Western Astrology basics – Signs, symbols, modes, and elements. 


Week 2: The energy and influence of the planets, retrogrades, and karmic nodes. 


Week 3: The birth chart – Houses and angles. 

Week 4: Aspects in the birth chart. 

Week 5: Pulling it together – Reading your own, and other peoples’ birth charts. 

Week 6: Practicing reading birth charts. 

Week 7: Using the fixed stars in astrology. Practicing reading birth charts. 

Advanced Astrology Course: - Includes reference guide, tests and certificate of completion. This course can be taken after completion of the intermediate course, or if you can demonstrate all of the skills in the intermediate course. Three consecutive hours a week on Skype for seven weeks, every week or every other week. £650 investment.  

Week1: Transits to the birth chart.

Week 2: Solar and lunar returns. 

Week 3: Progressed charts and solar arc. 

Week 4: Relationship astrology: synastry and composites. 

Week 5: The astrology of places and countries - mundane astrology. 

Week 6: Practicing advanced methods. 

Week 7: Practicing advanced methods. 

Karmic and esoteric astrology course:  This course will teach you how to identify karmic patterns in the birth chart, track the progress of the soul, how to get details of past lives and identify hidden talents or skills from past lives, and how to work out the life purpose from the birth chart. 

You will learn how to identify past life connections between two people. An intermediate or advanced level of Astrology is required to take this course. 

Three consecutive hours a week for two weeks. Investment is £300.