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Karmic and esoteric Astrology

What is astrology and what can it do for me?


“Oh the wonderful knowledge to be found in the stars. Even the smallest things are written there…if you had but skill to read.”  - Benjamin Franklin

When travelling to somewhere new, it's so much easier when we have a map to guide us to our destinations. The birth chart, or natal chart, is a snap shot of the sky at the exact moment of your birth and is a reflection of your soul, current, past and future life. We can use it as a map to help us ascend on our spiritual paths and to navigate through the different areas of our lives. Your birth chart is unique to you. No other person will have the same chart unless they were born on the same day, at the same time, on the same location. Unlike vague and  general "star signs", real astrology is precise, accurate and takes many years to master. 

With twenty years of experience reading the natal chart, I have a proven and consistant track record of accurate guidance which is why my clients choose me again and again to help them make the most important decisions in their lives. I have performed on-the-spot readings on live radio shows -  check out the links section on my website to listen.  

When we're working with the energies of our birth charts and not against them, doors open effortlessly and we're able to manifest our dreams. Often when clients come to me complaining of a lack of success and feeling unfulfilled, we discover that they've been on the wrong path and working against some of the most important parts of their chart, which has created blockages and stagnancy. The key to success is recognising your unique, natural talents and passions and then putting in some effort to making those talents work for you on an every day level. Some famous people who used Astrologers include Ronald Reagan, JP Morgan, and Queen Elizabeth I. Thankfully, we now live in an age where everyone has access to astrology - not just the elite. An astrologer will be able to spot the perfect time for you to manifest your dreams - marriage, starting a new career or lifestyle, moving home - the planets will align to create a golden window of opportunity. Don't miss it! 

Every single thing about you, is in your birth chart, including your health, marriage and relationships, your children, your appearance, your temperment and intellect, skills, your shadow side, unresolved trauma, and even your sexual nature.

The Birth chart contains secrets such as hidden talents and skills that we used in past lives and can reawaken in this lifetime. We can look to the chart to see what kind of career and partner will suit us best and how  to avoid challenges in these areas. 

Astrology shows us the true, unbiased picture and is the most accurate way to predict whether a relationship between two people will be successful or not. A comparison between two birth charts will tell me if the two individuals will be happy together, if a fulfilling relationship is  possible and clearly shows the strengths and weaknesses of the couple. Red flags are impossible to miss, in relationship astrology!

The composite chart shows exactly what will take place between the two people during the relationship and what the couple should expect during their time together. Before I met my husband, I refused to date any men unless I'd seen their charts. I was tired of wasting my time on people that weren't right for me! When I saw my husband's chart for the first time, I knew he was the one.

Working with the birth chart guides us towards a fulfilling career which is in line with our destiny and karma. For years, I worked in I.T and struggled with boredom and monotony. Although I loved solving problems and working with software, I just felt that something was lacking, and I wasn't getting ahead as I liked. It's no wonder that I was struggling, because my birth chart clearly shows that I need to be self employed, working with others and guiding them on their spiritual paths. I also need full control over my career path and daily routine, and communication and writing needs to be part of my job. Well, here I am - finally working in harmony with my chart. And I'm happier and more successful than I've ever been!  

We  can use karmic and esoteric astrology to follow the path of the soul throughout its lifetimes. The birth chart is the gateway to ascension,  past lives and karma from the current and past incarnations. It also identifies the karma that is currently being created in this lifetime,  so is a useful tool to change these patterns.

Karma is not about "good" and "bad", it's about cause and effect and the fact  that you are here in this body born into a particular family is karma  and even finding this website is karmic.
If you feel like you're spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere and the same issues are coming up over and over again in your life, your birth chart holds the key to get you back on track to happiness and spiritual fulfillment.I also use my clairvoyant gifts in my readings.  

" Fiona is an amazing Astrologer and clairvoyant and I gained so much  from her interpretation of my birth chart. A truly compassionate soul, I  cannot recommend her, and her work, highly enough. She, for sure, has  my "Haunted Housekeeping Seal of Approval" !! ~ Andrew Brewer, "The Rock  n Roll Psychic, listed in multiple publications as "One of the Top 50  Psychics in the World" 

 ©Fiona Aedgar 2020



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* Please see the separate page "School of Astrology" for details on my astrology courses.

Readings include karmic astrology on any topic of your choosing - relationships, career, life purpose, past lives etc. Readings can take place in person (Northern Ireland) over skype, phone, FB audio, or email as a word document.

Payment is through Paypal  direct link or email address  bank transfer (UK banks only)  or cash (in person only). You can pay me first and then email me, or message me first to discuss the reading if you prefer. Payment is in British pounds (GBP).

Please let me know if you can't get your exact time of birth, or if it's an estimate (memory from parent etc). It is possible to read without the time of birth but you must let me know as even a few minutes can make a difference. I'm typically booked up at least 6 weeks in advance, but emergency readings are available within 24 hours if you email me to check first.

40 Minute reading - £80
60 Minute reading - £100
90 minute reading - £150

120 minutes - £200
Emergency reading - If you need a reading within 24 hours - £150 for 60 mins.

Tarot reading - £80

Handwritten  birth chart -My own interpretation of your full birth chart detailing all major aspects and placements. I'll send this as a word document - 10-12 pages. £250 investment. No appointment. 

Handwritten chart + 30 min skype or phone appointment - £280

Relationship/couples reading - £150 - Skype, FB video, or I can also send it as a word document. Both sets of birth data required. I'll read the synastry, composite, natal and progressed charts. Astrology is by far the most accurate way to get a true picture of the relationship. 

 Wedding date or other important event - £150 - I will use astrology to pick a good date for your wedding or other important event such as starting a business etc. Never get married during Venus, Mercury or Mars retrograde or shadow! It's also important to pick a date that's compatible with both birth charts and the composite.  

Email reading -Suitable for a couple of questions or topics using tarot and astrology £80.  I will write for one hour and send the reading as a word document.

Combined Sekhem energy treatment & reading - £150

Sekhem living light, energy treatment - £60 

Birth time rectification - £170 I will work out your time of birth if you don't know it. This involves getting a list of significant events of your life and using them to determine your rising sign and time of birth. 




" Those interested in Karmic astrology, the  natal position of Chiron, and the significance of the North and South  Nodes must make use of Fiona’s astrological method and insight. I highly  recommend having a personal consultation with her. It is an eye-opening  and door-opening experience, particularly for those interested in  exploring their Western horoscope more deeply and comprehensively. The  position of Chiron is essential as far as I’m concerned, and any  consultant who fails to address its position in their client’s chart is  simply not a competent astrologer ."    – Michael Tsarion (Founder of the  online Taroscopes Mystery School) 

"I was so fortunate in being gifted with an incredible, insightful reading from Karmic Astrologer Fiona Aedgar. Fiona is an amazing Astrologer and clairvoyant and I gained so much from her interpretation of my birth chart. A truly compassionate soul, I cannot recommend her, and her work, highly enough. She, for sure, has my "Haunted Housekeeping Seal of Approval" !! ~ Andrew Brewer, "The Rock n Roll Psychic, listed in multiple publications as "One of the Top 50 Psychics in the World"

“Fiona reminded me to go even deeper into self-instrospection; she pointed in directions, both forward and back, signposted crossroads (some that have passed, ones emerging, some re-emerging), things i knew deep down but resisted. She has helped me come to attention in a deeper way and at a crucial time. She didn’t sugarcoat things or give me a derivative narrative (like some of these newspaper astrologers), she tapped into the unique signature that is me and has helped me look in the mirror of the self without fear as i continue this journey to comprehend my place within the totality of being.” - B

"Please see below my testimonial : I had a birth chart reading from Fiona in September 2019 and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. 

For some years previously, I had been successful in my career but had a deep longing inside that was telling me that I was not on my true path. Therefore, I asked Fiona to focus on my life purpose when completing my chart. The results have proven to be incredibly accurate and confirmed what I ‘knew’ in my heart. Fiona’s reading has given me the courage and inspiration to pursue my true calling and I am loving every minute of it!

If you are in a similar position I would not hesitate to engage her.

Fiona Aedgar is the real deal!"- N

" I first met Fiona December 2017 when I asked about my career. The information she gave me was amazing and by January 2018 I was excited as i saw her predictions unfold. Everything she said was on point. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Fiona as I have asked for her expert advice on many topics several times have found her to be one of the most genuine sincere people I know. 100% recommendation from me." - J " I received two hours of detailed, practical, fascinating, and conscientious examination of my natal chart to a depth I didn't realize was possible. This hit on MANY things I knew for a fact but had not told to ANYONE, which only helped me lend more credence to the very important things of which I had no conscious awareness whatsoever. Absolutely worth the money asked, this stellar degree of insight will continue to pay dividends for years to come in a life better informed now than ever before. Absolutely recommended, and absolutely looking forward to taking advantage of this brilliant service again! " - KF 

" Just had my first reading! So much intuitive information and excellent advice about some things that need some attention in my life. Solid, empathetic and truly helpful in very way. Gratitude abundant!" - SB 

" Your totally Uranian (out of nowhere and quite electric) energy has penetrated into my energy field and given me a totally different outlook. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your input and loving heart today." - M


Egyptian Sekhem Energy Treatments


What is Egyptian Sekhem?

Sekhem is a form of energy healing  that is much more powerful and high vibrational than Reiki. Sekhem uses multiple waves of energy and light  simultaneously. This makes it unique at this moment on Earth. The energy works on all levels of your being simultaneously- physical, emotional and spiritual. When you surrender to the energy, miracles can happen. Sekhem was used in Ancient Egypt, but its source is in the star system Sirius. The Goddess Sekhmet is the guardian of this powerful energy.  

What is a Sekhem  treatment like? You will relax in a warm, comfortable room while I channel the energy through my hands and into your body. I may touch your head, shoulders, hands and feet, but this isn’t necessary if you don’t feel comfortable. You may see images of past lives or  situations from the current life, or you may simply experience blissful peace and tranquility. 

The energy of Sekhem is intelligent and it will go to where it’s needed the most, gently and without overloading you. Sekhem energy treatments can  take you on a new Spiritual journey, dissolving blockages and putting you in touch with your true, authentic and powerful self! The energy will continue to work on you when you go home. 

The word Sekhem  means “Power of powers”, “might” and “authority” and the Guardian of the  energy system is Sekhmet, the beloved lionness Goddess of ancient  Egypt. Sekhmet is the Goddess of Healing as well as a warrior Goddess. I have had a close, personal relationship with this Goddess since 2010  and her presence and loving, protective energy is felt during every  Sekhem energy session. Her energy is that of fire and light and she helps us to gently burn away the darkness and illuminates the path to a new life. 

 I took my first Sekhem initiation in 2016, and what a journey it’s been! Having experienced a lot of trauma and  disappointment in my life, I was a fearful person before Sekhem. Now I  can truly say that I’ve stepped into my own power and my life is so different than a few years ago. I am truly awake, blessed and excited to help you on your Spiritual journey.

Contact me for an appointment.

Sa Sekhem Sahu! 

Fiona Aedgar


Code of ethics


I, Fiona Aedgar, hereby certify that as a professional spiritual practitioner, I proudly honour the code of ethical principles as set forth and outlined below on behalf of all clients, personnel and professionals I work and operate with: 

18 and older. Fiona proudly offers a selection of free astrology articles, resources and other info-materials for spiritual seekers of all ages and income types all over the web, however, personal consultations and paid materials are available to those above the legal limit without parental consent. This is for both legal safety reasons and to honour and respect parental boundaries. 

Keep Confidential. A client's trust is highly valued and everything shared within the client-practitioner sphere is kept strictly confidential. It is ethical only to disclose confidential information only when the client consents to it or when there is a real and imminent threat of harm to the client or to others, and this threat can be only diffused by a breach of confidentiality. 

Respect Rights. I respect the rights and preferences of my clients, my students and my spiritual colleagues. I also agree to respect a person's right to refuse or accept help on their own terms and will never force a reading, a message, my opinions, or my lifestyle on those who choose to withhold. 

Do No Harm. I understand that abilities have been gifted to me by Spirit to use only in serving the highest and greatest good of all involved. I also understand that should my gifts be used in ill will, they will be relinquished. I understand that my gifts are solely intended for healing, helping and supporting others and I strive to always use my resources appropriately, in the best way possible, and only in benefit of my community. 

Withhold Judgement. I owe my clients and my colleagues complete loyalty and I agree to only provide spiritual services when I can do so as an unbiased and clear vessel. I will not allow my own judgment to be influenced by personal profit, unfair discrimination, or my own emotions. I agree to certify that which I have only personally verified. 

Colleagues. A spiritual professional never undermines other colleagues in order to attract his or her own clients and only behaves towards his/her colleagues as she/he would wish them behave towards him/her. When necessary, he/she communicates with colleagues who are involved in the care of the same individual and this communication respects confidentiality, where only the necessary information is conveyed.

Musings and Teachings. I certify that all of my shared works are originals, birthed from original ideas, from original life experience and from my own professional experience and expertise. When they are not, topics are appropriately credited and cited.

Providing Services. I only provide those services that I believe will truly help the client, student or colleague at their highest level. No service will be offered or prepared, if it will not ultimately be what is truly best for the client. When examination of an issue is beyond my capacity, I will refer to a network of trusted professionals.