"  Those interested in Karmic astrology, the  natal position of Chiron,  and the significance of the North and South  Nodes must make use of  Fiona’s astrological method and insight. I highly  recommend having a  personal consultation with her. It is an eye-opening  and door-opening  experience, particularly for those interested in  exploring their  Western horoscope more deeply and comprehensively. The  position of  Chiron is essential as far as I’m concerned, and any  consultant who  fails to address its position in their client’s chart is  simply not a  competent astrologer ."   
– Michael Tsarion (Founder of the  online Taroscopes Mystery School)

"I was so fortunate in being gifted with an incredible, insightful reading from Karmic Astrologer Fiona Aedgar
Fiona is an amazing Astrologer and clairvoyant and I gained so much from her interpretation of my birth chart.
A  truly compassionate soul, I cannot recommend her, and her work, highly  enough. She, for sure, has my "Haunted Housekeeping Seal of Approval" !!
~ Andrew Brewer, "The Rock n Roll Psychic, listed in multiple publications as "One of the Top 50 Psychics in the World"

"Testimonial: Fionas chart-reading floored me; comprehensive and  revelatory, it has put to bed doubts i have been wrestling with for  years, has given me newfound confidence in my creative ventures,  especially bringing a more spiritual underlying purpose to the creative  will itself. Now i know exactly what i need to work on and what is worth  my time and what is not. A gloom of semidarkness has faded away to  reveal a stunning panorama. I will be forever grateful." - BZ

"“I have learnt so much from Fiona during the astrology course. Each  lesson has revealed new information about my own birth chart , which is  the best way to help me to start to understand other peoples birth  charts too. The one to one teaching is very nurturing and Fiona’s  immense knowledge and passion of astrology shines through. The course  has helped me learn the basics of astrology and has also inspired me to  keep learning the amazing tools of astrology to help me continue on my  spiritual path. Thank you Fiona for  your integrity and for your  intuitive teaching.” -ES

“Fiona reminded me to go even deeper into self-instrospection; she pointed in directions, both forward and back, signposted crossroads (some that have passed, ones emerging, some re-emerging), things i knew deep down but resisted. She has helped me come to attention in a deeper way and at a crucial time. She didn’t sugarcoat things or give me a derivative narrative (like some of these newspaper astrologers), she tapped into the unique signature that is me and has helped me look in the mirror of the self without fear as i continue this journey to comprehend my place within the totality of being.” - B


"Please see below my testimonial :  I had a birth chart reading from  Fiona in September 2019 and I can honestly say that it has changed my  life. 

For some years previously, I had been successful in my  career but had a deep longing inside that was telling me that I was not  on my true path. Therefore, I asked Fiona to focus on my life purpose  when completing my chart. The results have proven to be incredibly  accurate and confirmed what I ‘knew’ in my heart. Fiona’s reading has given me the courage and inspiration to pursue my true calling and I am loving every minute of it!

If you are in a similar position I would not hesitate to engage her.

Fiona Aedgar is the real deal!"- N

" I first met Fiona December 2017 when I asked about my career.  The information she gave me was amazing and by January 2018 I was excited as i saw her predictions unfold. Everything she said was on point. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Fiona as I have asked for her expert advice on many topics several times have found her to be one of the most genuine sincere people  I know. 100% recommendation from me." - J

"  I received two hours of detailed, practical, fascinating, and  conscientious examination of my natal chart to a depth I didn't realize  was possible. This hit on MANY things I knew for a fact but had not told  to ANYONE, which only helped me lend more credence to the very  important things of which I had no conscious awareness whatsoever.  Absolutely worth the money asked, this stellar degree of insight will  continue to pay dividends for years to come in a life better informed  now than ever before. Absolutely recommended, and absolutely looking  forward to taking advantage of this brilliant service again! " - KF

"  Just had my first reading! So much intuitive information and excellent  advice about some things that need some attention in my life. Solid,  empathetic and truly helpful in very way. Gratitude abundant!"  - SB